Friday, December 30, 2011

Simple Menu For today..

I was soooo tired today. Cant evn open my eys. But i still hav to do everything for my kids. She is hungry, he is angry... As a mother we must care about their food, health n everything from head to toe. The little one always cranky. I really dont knw what happen to him. Until 2 am in the morning he couldnt sleep. Finally i found out that his stomach full of gas n having constipation. So i manage to give him a medication plus exema... Only now he sounds of sleep...

Today i only can share few simple menu for us...

English Brfst for me..

This is for Darling..

White Rice wit Mutton Curry.
For Lunch

N for My Darling.

It was soo gud, so this is my 2nd Round..
At 5pm... he he he..

This is Dinner
Chapati with Curry n Sambal.

This is for my Darling.....

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