Wednesday, February 15, 2012


# Did you know that weight can increase a child of about two to three pounds a year, while the height is generally found to increase six to eight centimeters a year. 

# When the child reaches the age of five years, 35 percent of their weight consists of muscle. 

# The child should have the entire set of baby teeth by the age of two and a half years. Of teeth helps the jaw and allow children to eat a variety of foods. After six years of age, children will have a set of permanent teeth. 

# Six first year of life children are the most sensitive because it involves the formation and maturing of nerves. Billions of nervous system in the brain is formed and will provide new sensory experience. So, do not be surprised if the brain size of children will grow as big as adult brain size at the age of 10 years. 

# When the bone grows, the child will be higher. It is important to make the shape look more mature when they enter adult 

# System started the defense of children mature and function at different growth stages. Bodies of children susceptible to viruses, bacteria and parasites. Therefore, efficient immune system to identify, attack and destroy foreign objects. 

# Phase growth is a very important because when the child begins to master gross motor skills and fine motor to adapt. This allows them to move in an orderly, more alert and able to perform more complex tasks such as dancing and playing football. In addition, it also affects the capacity of the child for writing, drawing and coloring in their intellectual development. 

# Children are active and intelligent are more likely to dominate the social interaction skills that can improve their confidence. 

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