Friday, December 9, 2011

Go Tiger...Go Go!!!

Testing Times

When I was but a little lass,
And FOOTBALL ruled the nation,
I holidayed in Hastings
With a pen pal on her station.

One night we were awoken
With excited urgency,
And dragged into the living room,
Where sat a large T.V.

Around it men were crowded
With smokes,
All yelling 'gOAL'

My eyelids drooped as I sat down,
But the women pulled me up
And showed me to the kitchen,
Where we did the washing up.

We also buttered forty scones,
And heated up steak pies,
Then made a batch of pikelets
Whilst the men scored armchair tries.

So I never really did become
A big fan of the game,
The sport itself is fine, I'm sure's the cooking that I blame.

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