Friday, December 30, 2011

Simple Menu For today..

I was soooo tired today. Cant evn open my eys. But i still hav to do everything for my kids. She is hungry, he is angry... As a mother we must care about their food, health n everything from head to toe. The little one always cranky. I really dont knw what happen to him. Until 2 am in the morning he couldnt sleep. Finally i found out that his stomach full of gas n having constipation. So i manage to give him a medication plus exema... Only now he sounds of sleep...

Today i only can share few simple menu for us...

English Brfst for me..

This is for Darling..

White Rice wit Mutton Curry.
For Lunch

N for My Darling.

It was soo gud, so this is my 2nd Round..
At 5pm... he he he..

This is Dinner
Chapati with Curry n Sambal.

This is for my Darling.....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

She is the best... Dato' Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin.

You see... even how many people hate her n giving her hard time, yet she still be as herself. Not pretending, nor arguing. Why i like her so much... Because SHE is SITI...

Lets see what we have to share here...

Its soooo Humble.....

N soooo cute.... Chaiiiiyoookkk...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sometime Had Lunch at Home is a BLESSING...

We can make what ever we want... We can put All the ingredient like we use too..

The Look also difrent,...
The Taste Also Yummy.. Come Lets join us...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Protect Women...

A Struggle Between What We Were Ad Thought Ourselve...

From childhood we are taught to obey, to be polite and well behaved, to serve, bring to the table and help with housework, if only I had a brother, I was wide to see the difference, uncles, cousins and even a parent not male, but if drivers.

A teacher once said that "home macho born feminist", and maybe so, maybe these ideas will be me "stuck" over the years and listen to the same "old", as my father called, that life and wisdom professorships proclaim a liberty.

One morning upon hearing the news, one of the characters interviewed said that now he felt discriminated against, we have long taken for voice and rights for minorities, the elderly, children, indigenous tribes, handicapped, women, what about the men? he asked, should we demand our rights.

This statement is no surprise to many and many, on the contrary, the man now is violated when, from the origin, power, control and dominion is in him and what it does is allow others to have a space or at least recognition of their natural right.

In the XXI century one of those minorities remains the woman, was first a struggle for equality and balance in the roles, as a consequence now live in double shifts, we lost corsee, but we won a portfolio with oven mitts.
"So I do not find a professional, are pedantic," told me once, does not require of a fist to exercise violence in this century, but neither is required to be ignorant, living in a marginalized sector or have a degree of PhD to be a victim, nor required to be a husband or head for the offender.

We are equal, but different, why take the violence?, Why be silent, to control?.
In the middle of the century, with advances in technology, science, society, my society still suffers from one of the most egregious wrongs and violence. Violence saw with my own eyes, saw economic, physical, psychological and even emotional, cry, complain and try to help, but none of that was enough.
Violence is hard for women, but also for the children, only with education equity and violence were able to eradicate this cancer from our homes and society in general, violence against women persists, not inherited, but if it is taught to be a victim and also teaches that high.

Women have rights to live free without violence, we raise the voice and say up here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saving money by using the bike all of each

According to a group of experts from the University of Wisconsin (USA), if only half of the short trips currently made ​​by car in the Midwestern United States were made ​​by bicycle, it would save 3.8 billion dollars in healthcare costs annually,equivalent to 3.8 billion in the Malaysian context lots of money anyway. 

The study is called "Air Quality and Health-Related Exercise Benefits from Reduced Car Travel in the Midwestern United States" says that if we also added the inherent benefits of air quality and the physical improvement of the people, the figure annual savings would be $ 7 billion and the savings in lives of some 1,100 , same as last year. 

It often appeals to the responsibility of citizens to shocks to the external cost of gasoline, we are told that this is everyone. So what if occasionally leave the stroller at home to such movements that are not critical (many more than you people think, think well) and walk or use the bicycle? Not worth excuses like "I'm tired", "no bike lane," "get sweaty" and all these arguments are almost always more myth than reality (see "breaking down prejudice against the bicycle" ). Continued use of motorized vehicles unnecessary actions is socially irresponsible and, of course,leaves them very cheap to those who do , considering the enormous expense generated and then have to pay all .

The capital and the state say they slice the brain for better fuels, lower emission motor vehicles, etc.. Would not it be easier, healthier and efficiently promote and invest in the bike since reported many benefits and also improves many aspects as the problem of urban space that electric cars, for example, do not solve? 

The fact is that in this country where I have lived is not, for the moment, one of the best examples of public involvement, except for some local authorities. The Promotion Strategy promised non-motorized transport became drafted. but sleeps the sleep of the righteous in a drawer in the Ministry of Development. In the Community of Madrid made an ambitious plan, called CIMA, which once stood the Autonomous Community had the gall to say that the execution was for the municipalities, falling into oblivion. In the municipality of Madrid, last year the mayor announced that froze the implementation of the Master Plan for Cycling Mobility and everything related to cycling, because there is no money. 

See Who Win????

Yess This is Real REMPIT..

He Can Be A Mentor

No More Z4.....
It turns out that cycling, as demonstrated from this study of Wisconsin (and many others) reported money in many different forms (health, air quality, public space ...) Therefore, investment in the bike reverts quickly in benefits for government accounting. What are we waiting for?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Go Tiger...Go Go!!!

Testing Times

When I was but a little lass,
And FOOTBALL ruled the nation,
I holidayed in Hastings
With a pen pal on her station.

One night we were awoken
With excited urgency,
And dragged into the living room,
Where sat a large T.V.

Around it men were crowded
With smokes,
All yelling 'gOAL'

My eyelids drooped as I sat down,
But the women pulled me up
And showed me to the kitchen,
Where we did the washing up.

We also buttered forty scones,
And heated up steak pies,
Then made a batch of pikelets
Whilst the men scored armchair tries.

So I never really did become
A big fan of the game,
The sport itself is fine, I'm sure's the cooking that I blame.