Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saving money by using the bike all of each

According to a group of experts from the University of Wisconsin (USA), if only half of the short trips currently made ​​by car in the Midwestern United States were made ​​by bicycle, it would save 3.8 billion dollars in healthcare costs annually,equivalent to 3.8 billion in the Malaysian context lots of money anyway. 

The study is called "Air Quality and Health-Related Exercise Benefits from Reduced Car Travel in the Midwestern United States" says that if we also added the inherent benefits of air quality and the physical improvement of the people, the figure annual savings would be $ 7 billion and the savings in lives of some 1,100 , same as last year. 

It often appeals to the responsibility of citizens to shocks to the external cost of gasoline, we are told that this is everyone. So what if occasionally leave the stroller at home to such movements that are not critical (many more than you people think, think well) and walk or use the bicycle? Not worth excuses like "I'm tired", "no bike lane," "get sweaty" and all these arguments are almost always more myth than reality (see "breaking down prejudice against the bicycle" ). Continued use of motorized vehicles unnecessary actions is socially irresponsible and, of course,leaves them very cheap to those who do , considering the enormous expense generated and then have to pay all .

The capital and the state say they slice the brain for better fuels, lower emission motor vehicles, etc.. Would not it be easier, healthier and efficiently promote and invest in the bike since reported many benefits and also improves many aspects as the problem of urban space that electric cars, for example, do not solve? 

The fact is that in this country where I have lived is not, for the moment, one of the best examples of public involvement, except for some local authorities. The Promotion Strategy promised non-motorized transport became drafted. but sleeps the sleep of the righteous in a drawer in the Ministry of Development. In the Community of Madrid made an ambitious plan, called CIMA, which once stood the Autonomous Community had the gall to say that the execution was for the municipalities, falling into oblivion. In the municipality of Madrid, last year the mayor announced that froze the implementation of the Master Plan for Cycling Mobility and everything related to cycling, because there is no money. 

See Who Win????

Yess This is Real REMPIT..

He Can Be A Mentor

No More Z4.....
It turns out that cycling, as demonstrated from this study of Wisconsin (and many others) reported money in many different forms (health, air quality, public space ...) Therefore, investment in the bike reverts quickly in benefits for government accounting. What are we waiting for?

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