Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hyperactive Kids

Active child definitely confusing parents. Active behavior make it difficult to control by the child's parents. The following tips and guidelines that can be tried to control the active child: 
  • Cut down on sugary foods. Sugar gives more power to the active child
  • Give a new attraction to children that allows him to sit still like drawing, reading, games, etc.
  • Reward if he sits still
  • Give room for him to play long enough
  • Do not block the active nature but channeled in the right direction such as sports, work or otherwise
  • Many patient
  • Ensure a safe environment such as sharp corners, comfortable space, fenced or bergril. Avoid areas that are at risk
  • Parents are always active and fit the child's clothing such as shoes, pants and shirts. To prepare for the chase .. hehehehe ..
  • Make assertions such as the sentence imposed if it is not listening ..
  • If you are too active until they can not control their behavior, please bring to the doctor as she may fall in hyperactive children.

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